Qdoba Food Review.

So this place has been in Rookwood for a while and I had only recently tried it, but for whatever reason, forgot to take a pic to review it a couple months back.  I’ve returned this time, realizing that this place is a lot like another chain I’m sure you’re familiar with, so I decided to order exactly as I would from the other place to see how I really felt about Qdoba. 


I was delighted that they offered whole wheat tortillas, so I went with that on a burrito.  Next up, cilantro rice, black beans, diced steak, mild salsa, corn salsa, sour cream, cheese & lettuce. The order of the toppings was even the same as the other guy’s, lol!  I opted for chips, really what’s a burrito w/o chips? But no salsa.  Which I later regretted, their salsa is a lot better than expected. 


The lowdown: I found it interesting that this place was listed under fast food.  It seems like such better quality than a trashy mcdouble.  I loved the burrito and the chips were still warm, which was a surprising treat also.  I didn’t love that my burrito was so small.  When ordering from the other guys, I like to eat half of the burrito & chips & then save the other half for a second meal.  This wasn’t possible at Qdoba, and I ended up with a fist sized leftover burrito that will not suffice for any meal.  Made me a little sad, since I wasn’t completely cool w/ paying $9 for a meal I normally pay $7 for. 

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