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Review of Orchids at Palm Court.

My friends Markiea & Jermaine got married this weekend and their reception was at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza in a room at the Orchids at Palm Court.  I’ve always loved this place and was delighted to see different parts of the building, which included a beautiful reception hall and mezzanine for the cocktail hour. 

It was a perfect setting for their reception and the food was so good.  It was interesting to watch my friends try to figure out how to eat each course.  The menu was really creative and I give kudos for Keia for picking it out.  SN: her wedding was really fun, it’s always a good time when this group of folks gets together, special thanks to the Carters for giving us yet another reason to party together! 

The lowdown: I enjoyed the tart in the first course and the goat cheese was a great touch.  It gave me the idea to try a different configuration of this possibly with spinach, goat cheese and craisins.  Be on the lookout for that soon.  The salmon and risotto were my favorite course.  The pesto just did amazing things for the fish and the risotto was cooked beautifully.  Clearly any place that serves a palate cleanser is alright with me!  I think my second favorite item was the chocolate petal.  My girls hadn’t figured out you could eat it and looked at me like I was crazy, lol!  I only got a bite of cake, each time I would go dance with my girls, Will would eat my cake and before I knew it, he’d eaten it all.  He really enjoyed both his and my cake.  The wine was flowing and we had a great time.  I’d give this place an A for being so elegant all the while letting a bunch of great friends wobble their little hearts out!

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