Five Guys Food Review

My brother sent me this link: 

And after I stopped cracking up, I thought, I’ve got to have Five guys now!  So Will & I grabbed lunch there before heading to pick up my crazy nephew.  Will got a regular cheeseburger & I get the little cheeseburger with mayo, grilled mushrooms & pickles and we shared a regular fry that was large enough to feed a small village.  They’re so good though (and as that guy sung, they go so perfectly with the burger).  I was starving when he picked me up, so I ate my food in the car and I was SO temped to kiss my burger like the youtube guy did, lololol! 

The lowdown: that meal was everything I’d hoped it would be, A+ all around.  If I could eat like that everyday and not gain weight, I probably would! 

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