Dragon City Food review.

While there are a ton of great Asian food places right around my house, none of them deliver.  When I don’t feel like cooking, I usually don’t feel like driving either.  So this place had sent a menu in the mail and I was excited to see that they delivered!  I had never had it, but their menu appeared to be not unlike most Americanized Chinese food Menus.  I ordered the sesame chicken and my BF ordered the sweet & sour shrimp and we got egg rolls. 

It showed up sooner than expected, which was a plus, I think they said about 45 minutes and it was piping hot.  Another plus.  I swiped one of Will’s shrimp, and was intrigued to see that they were butterflied.  That was a first.  My chicken was okay, crispy with pretty good sauce but my poor steamed broccoli had seen better days.  The fried rice was crunchy and that is a huge no no.  I can’t fathom why a Chinese restaurant would not be able to make good fried rice or at least standard fried rice. 

The lowdown: I’d give the food a D-, only thing that saved them from a complete fail was the egg roll was on point. 

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