Longhorn’s food review.

 Went there last night after the applebees on the West side forgot to add in my spinach dip.  This had me steaming, because the only reason I went to applebees was for the spinach dip!  So I was desperate, I wasn’t going back on the other side of town, so I searched around my house for who had spinach dip and landed on longhorn.  I’ve ordered carryout there before, and its usually pretty fast and good.  I love the way you can just pop right into the bar, get your food and be out! 

That’s pretty much what I did, it was late, I was hungry and disheveled, but when I got there the people at the bar were pretty entertaining.  I didn’t have to wait 5 minutes before the bartender was calling out my name and wrapping my food up, and I was back home in no time. 

I’d give the food an A, because it was creamy and delicious and right on time!  It was only 6 bucks and they give you a lot, my next party don’t be surprised if I skip the effort and pick up dip from Longhorn! 

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