King Wok food review.

So I admit, I’ve been kind of obsessed with Chinese food lately.  Mostly for the soup.  Wonton soup is cheap, easily accessible, and the broth is great for making me feel better.  Stumbled on King Wok the other day searching to try yet another chinese place.  I think I’ve been there before, I went to UC for grad school and I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten at every place in the area that was there at the time.  This go around I called ahead for (of course) the soup and the lunch special cashew chicken.    

I picked it up and the staff was super nice, it wasn’t busy, so I considered staying, but I had a meeting that I needed to get to shortly after I ate.  Back at the office, my food was still piping hot (a must) once I dug in.  The soup was okay, the broth was lighter than I was used to, maybe a bit less flavorful than most.  The wontons were pretty standard.  It was what I had set out to get, so I gobbled it up quick, lol.  The cashew chicken had great flavor, and the cashews were still crunchy.  I would go back there for the meal for sure. 

The verdict: I give the food a B & the staff an A.  For the price, you can’t beat it. 

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