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Mecklenburg Gardens food review.

Headed to Mecklenburg with my coworkers at Loc T for a team lunch.  I’m on loan to GBBN for a project at Children’s Hospital, so I have a whole new team to get acquainted with.  I have only ever had beer here, so I was pretty excited to try the food.  I was overwhelmed by the names of half the entrees, but I know that Schnitzel is good, so I couldn’t go wrong with a chicken Schnitzel sandwich.  A few of my coworkers ordered different beers, each harder to pronounce.  I was headed to pick up my nephews, so I stuck to water.   

We started out with a couple of appetizers of fried pickles.  I thought they were amazing!  I think there’s something so strange and wonderful about this combination.  The beer batter was delightful & came with the perfect dipping sauce.  Though I’m not sure exactly what it was.  For there to be 9 of us and a steady lunch crowd, our food came out quickly.  Which I was pleased with.  I was hungry and loved how my sandwich was cooked perfectly.  Crispy without being greasy.  I asked for a potato pancake as my side (I know, should’ve had something green), but the German’s certainly do great things with potatoes! 

The verdict: this was a great place to have lunch and I can’t wait till the weather gets better so we can head back and hang out in the beer garden!  I give the food and the service an A!

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