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I have a lifelong love affair with food. It may very-well be an unhealthy love affair. So?! I eat, ask, wonder, talk, think, sample and read about food, recipes and cooking so much that I figured, why not create a blog?!

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Brio Tuscan Grill Food review

I was at Brio for a bridal shower for my friend Vikki.   I hadn’t been to Brio in a while, but I remember liking the food.  It was midday, so I decided to order from the brunch menu.  I went with the Berries & Cream French Toast.  I’m a big fan of stuffed French toast.  One of the girls ordered the Brio’s Bruschetta Quattro, and I tried the fresh mozzarella.  It was good, but the French bread wasn’t as fresh as I’d hoped.  I was hungry, so I was happy for something to put in my stomach.  While we were waiting, someone ordered a carafe of the peach Sangria, and I figured I’d give it a try.  It was pretty good, but I was less than pleased when I saw two sangria’s charged to my bill. 
Our food came quickly and was hot.  A bit too hot, because the syrup almost burned someone.  The stuffed French toast came with a cream sauce drizzled on it, so I doubt it needed syrup anyway.  The dish was very sweet, teetering on too sweet.  The raspberries, blueberries & strawberries helped to keep the meal in balance.  I liked the filling inside and even though the dish looks like a lot of food, it was easy to complete all while having girl talk. 

The verdict: Overall my bill was about $30, which through me for a loop.  I’m used to spending that for myself & my boyfriend, not for just one brunch. I didn’t feel like I’d gotten my money’s worth, so If I hadn’t had such a good time with my girls, I would have been pissed.  I’d give the food a B and the service an A. 

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