Tom+Chee Food review.

I was downtown at the Casino doing the punch list last week with one of the designers from Las Vegas and she was telling me that she hadn’t been able to find any good food.  I was surprised to hear that, because some of the best food in the Nati is downtown!  Problem was, she was hitting up all the chain restaurants.  The key to eat local.  For lunch I introduced her to Tom+Chee. 

I ordered the Pesto+turkey with a caprese salad.  She ordered the Italian and was intrigued by the potato chips on the sandwich with the creamy basil soup.  The best part of it all: we split the blueberry blue.  Why not?  We were expensing this meal!  It was a cold day and everything about my sandwich was just perfect.  Great crunch to the bread, mixed with fresh ingredients all complimentary to each other in every way.  I wanted soup, but opted for salad (I have to say to myself daily, eat green things!), and Linnae said the soup was sublime, but I was pleased with the salad.  Huge chunks of fresh mozzarella and tomato, really tasted great along side my sandwich. 

The Pièce de résistance of our meal was the Blueberry and Blue grilled donut.  Blueberry compote and lemon mascarpone gushing out of a perfectly caramelized donut.  It tasted so rich and creamy that its almost sinful.  I will not even think of how bad it may be for you: if loving this donut is wrong…I don’t want to be right!!!

All and all, this was an AMAZING lunch for a day that I was going to walking around for hours on end.  Delicious food and fuel for a long days work.  I’d give the food an A+ and I can’t wait to head back!

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