Sugar n’ Spice food review.

Woke up late Sunday morning then vegged around too long to feel up to making breakfast.  We had to be at my nephew Christening at 3, so around 1:30 we decided to grab breakfast/brunch at Sugar n’ Spice.  Just as I was turning into a hunger monster while we waited, a table became available.  I ordered the breakfast special: 2 eggs, 2 wispy thin pancakes, bacon and added a side of home fries.  I ordered with my stomach, not my brain, because this turned out to be a ton of food.  Will ordered the blueberry pancakes. 

Our food came out quickly and was so very delicious.  Right on time to keep me from going over the hunger edge.  My scrambled eggs had about three different types of shredded cheese and were some of the best I’ve had at any breakfast place.  Their pancakes are the reason we go there, Will loves them and quickly put his away and half of mine.  Which left me room to eat my home fries, which I loved.  They were crispy and hot and I couldn’t stop eating them till they were gone. 

The verdict: I need to stop getting hungry enough to become a monster and this food is always banging.  I give it an A & the service an A, since the owner didn’t come around creeping us out: he’s a bit “eccentric.” 

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