Hot Head Burritos food review.

So I live really close to this place, but I’ve been hesitant to cheat on Chipotle. The other day I decided to just do it! The place was so empty at 1:30 in the afternoon, which caused me concern. The girl behind the counter was really friendly, so this encouraged me to dive in.  I like that they have a mini burrito.  I like being able to eat Chipotle in two settings but there are times when that just isn’t feasible.  I ordered my standard: brown rice, black beans, chicken, pico de gallo, corn salsa, sour cream, cheese and lettuce.  She tried to offer me a sauce on the burrito, but the number of sauces was a little intimidating.  They had varying degrees of heat, which I don’t do.  This isn’t for wings, there is already countless flavors going on here, why add ANOTHER sauce?  I asked the girl to put her favorite in a little to go cup so I could taste it, you know, when in Rome.  I believe it was the hot head sauce.  I added chips, what is a burrito without chips?  My total was only $5, which made me happy.

I was barely in the car before I was reaching for a chip.  Sad face.  These chips are the pits.  If you think this is harsh, I encourage you to try them for yourself, so that you can see.  They were like the store brand tortilla chips you get at Kroger.  A complete no no for a burrito place, seriously, you don’t make your own chips?!  Sometimes, my nephew & I come just for the chips!  At this point I was terrified to eat the burrito, lol, but I was hungry, so there was no turning back.  Once in my office, I pulled it out and took a bite.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s a good burrito, and because it’s a mini, it’s not as big as my head & not falling apart.  The flavors worked well together, but there wasn’t any that stood out from the other.  The chicken had great seasoning, but I wanted the salsa to have more of a lime kick or something.  I dipped the burrito in the sauce and just as I suspected, it was unnecessary to add the sauce & a bit confusing. 

The verdict: The food was a C.  The crappy chips are inexcusable.  C’mon!  The burrito was okay, but it wouldn’t be enough for me to go there instead of my tried and true favorite. 

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