Taste of Belgium bistro food review.

My Dad came downtown to take me to lunch  and the place we wanted to go to was closed.  We were sad, but it felt like a good opportunity to take my Dad to an amazing place with some great food that I knew we hadn’t been to, so we went to Taste of Belgium Bistro.  They have the most amazing waffles with the syrup baked right in. 

We both ordered the chicken & waffles with the sauces on the side.  It comes with syrup & hot sauce and I think it’s a delicate balance that I want to be the master of.  There’s something so magical about these waffles, they’re extremely crispy, and very dense.  I love how crispy the chicken is, with the most wonderful seasoning.  It comes with a small salad that works well with the meal, even though it doesn’t seem as though it would.  I love food, and I really love a great unexpected combination of food.  This is IT! 

The verdict: this is perfectly prepared meal, that if you haven’t tried, you should get into your car and get some ASAP.  A+ for the food, B+ for the service, and most certainly an A++ for the company!

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