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Benihana Food review!

Went to Benihana for my birthday and I was a bit leery.  I’d never been to this location, only the one downtown (which is now closed).  The $30 bday gift certificate they sent me was a strong motivator!  We invited my parents, my girlfriend & her husband and sat with another girl & her bf who were also celebrating a birthday! I decided on steak and shrimp, with the chicken fried rice.  I’m a little sad that they now make you pay extra for fried rice.  That used to be included.  The meal came with soup, salad, fried onions, zucchini, shrimp appetizer, sorbet & green tea.  This seems like a ton of courses, but when you’re hanging out with friends, it goes by quickly. 

Our chef regaled us with his tricks, but we were more interested in good convo then him throwing shrimp tails around.  I asked for the onion mountain, and I thought it was cool that he made the eggs for the fried rice spin, but we were most impressed with his swift use of the knife as he was cutting the various meats.

My boyfriend had never been to Benihana, and no matter how much I warned him to pace himself, he couldn’t help but eat all the food that came his way.  To his credit, he didn’t eat the salad.  I’m usually not a fan of their ginger dressing, but it was better this time.  Not so overwhelming.  I love their broth, and made my bowl even better by taking all of my BF’s mushrooms!  The shrimp and zucchini were great, and I take great pleasure in dipping each in the shrimp sauce.  I need to find out what’s in that sauce so I can make it at home!

Despite the communication barrio between us and the staff, all of our food came out great.  My steak was medium and perfect.  Paired with jumbo shrimp and the fried rice, it was a great combo.  I found myself wishing I hadn’t eaten all of my zucchini.  I got Will’s mushrooms again, so that was great to add on.  My sorbet came with off key singing from the room and some of the worst tamborine playing I’ve ever heard, lol! 

The verdict: this was a great meal, and the interactive nature is always fun.  I was glad our chef didn’t try to throw shrimp in someone’s mouth, I think that’s so ridiculous!  I give the food an A and the service an A for all that effort.  Best part was that for the two of us, our meal was only $35!  That’s winning! 

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