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I have a lifelong love affair with food. It may very-well be an unhealthy love affair. So?! I eat, ask, wonder, talk, think, sample and read about food, recipes and cooking so much that I figured, why not create a blog?!

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Pizza hut food review.

I’m a big fan of stuffed crust pizza.  I’ve made it a few times, but I always wish there was a Pizza hut closer to my house so I could just order one, lol!  Boom, one shows up in Surrey square.  We didn’t waste any time ordering a large stuffed crust pizza w/ pepperoni.  I added an order of wings with mild buffalo sauce.   I was a bit miffed when I asked did it come with sauce.  The girl said it was 50 cent extra.  What?!  

We decided to carry out, I’m not a fan of paying a delivery fee & tipping the driver unless I’m feeling particularly lazy.  The food was hot and ready when we got there.  We’d stopped at redbox to get a movie.

Got home and there it was, the stuffed crust I know and love.  I couldn’t resist turning a slice around and eating from the crust end.  The pizza itself is pretty standard stuff, I like pizza hut’s thin crust the best.  If they could figure out a way to put stuffed crust on a thin crust pizza?!  Then they’d be golden!  The wings were good and I stood my ground, using my own ranch from the fridge, lol!  Pizza hut has surprisingly great chicken wings.  Over all, I was pretty satisfied with the meal.  Glad to finally have one near Oakley! 

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