Venice On Vine food review.

I heard about this place years ago.  I love how the store is ran by the Power Inspires Progress’ Mission that provides work for folks that are reentering the workforce.  Last week I was in the area and decided to give it a try. 

I tried a simple small cheese pizza.  I often keep it simple for first tries at a pizza place.  If the pizza is delish w/o any toppings, then I’m all in.  I didn’t get far before I was cracking the box open to have a try.  The cheese was gooey and delish and the sauce tasted like it was homemade from fresh tomatoes with is epic in my book.  I like the crust but it was a lil charred on the bottom.  It didn’t take away from the flavor, but it did smell a little burnt.  This kind of messed with my senses. 

Overall I enjoyed the pizza, and would love to try it again.  Next time I’ll stay and enjoy the ambiance. 

Venice on Vine on Urbanspoon

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