Chez Nora Food review.

Had our Lady Architects dinner last Thursday, the same day as the Mr’s draft party.  I was ecstatic, I get to avoid testosterone overload and hang out with the cool kids.  They had an appetizer buffet out, which we were thrilled about.  It was primarily fried foods which I have been trying (and failing) to avoid.  I can’t pass up free food.  That’s just crazy.  It was pretty good stuff.  The pulled pork was so tender with the perfect sauce. 
For dinner, having already had a mini plate full of delectable and a cookie, I opted to keep it light.  Chez Nora’s to die for crab cakes and a side salad.  As usual, they’re crab cakes are such a great blend of seasoning, crab and deliciousness.  Awesome food, fun & company!

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