Mio’s Pizza food review.

Went here a couple weeks ago in search of a lil comfort food, it had been a long weekend of searching for apartments in St Louis.  I’d had pizza there before & I drive past this place all the time, finally decided to stop in and find pasta.  The lady at the front was nice enough to talk me through their selections and recommend the alfredo pasta.  So I ordered the chicken alfredo pasta with a side salad.  It was piping hot once I got home and I was surprised at how creamy and delish this was.  I had a moment of regret that I’m about to move just as I’d found a place with cheap delicious chicken alfredo.  Perfect portion for a meal & leftovers, too!  It came with garlic bread which I delight in.  I’m looking forward to getting this again before we leave the nati! 

I give the service an A & the food an A!

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