Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen food review.

Went here for a girls night dinner, and loved every minute of it.  We had some drinks, ate amazing food and topped it off with delicious cheesecake.  I ordered the crispy salmon, jumbo crab & shrimp.  The lemon sauce was so decedent, but not overwhelming.  I’m pretty sure my food didn’t come with any corn.  Could have been because I ordered red beans & rice as my side.  Which didn’t seem like it would go well with my seafood, but did.  The ingredients were all so very fresh & I wish I could figure out the recipe for everything I had to recreate it at home.  Dinner at Pappadeaux is expensive, so I’d like to be able to have this more often at  the house! 
The verdict: great service, even better food with amazing friends! 

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