Mekong Thai Cuisine Food review.

So I was in search of an easy takeout lunch while in the Kenwood area, and remembered my coworker raving about Mekong.  Stopped in for some chicken pad Thai & a bowl of wonton soup (no surprise here).  It was ready in a flash & I headed back work.

I started eating the soup right away when I got back and I loved the broth and the cilantro floating in it.  Such a welcome surprise, and a great flavor that you usually don’t find in wonton soup.  I loved it.  The pad Thai was pretty standard.  I liked the flavor, but didn’t love how my noodles stuck together.  I did like that the sprouts were cooked. 

The verdict: the service was okay and the food was good, but I don’t know if I’ll be racing back anytime soon. 

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