Bonbonerie Café food review.

I wanted something amazing for lunch the other day, so I stopped by Bonbonerie Café.  I’ve had tea in the pastry shop, but never eaten at the café.  I wanted something light so I opted for the fruit & berry salad.  It was so cute, but not necessarily filling.  I should have opted for the half sandwich & half salad, but they only offered the mixed green salad with that.  My mistake.  I enjoyed the fresh fruits & berry and the zing in the lemon poppy seed dressing.  I just wanted more! 

In addition to the salad, I couldn’t resist trying the lemon tart, key lime pie & a strawberry macaroon.  I loved all three, But the macaroon was by far the best!  With a gooey strawberry center paired with soft airy outside.  Love!

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