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I have a lifelong love affair with food. It may very-well be an unhealthy love affair. So?! I eat, ask, wonder, talk, think, sample and read about food, recipes and cooking so much that I figured, why not create a blog?!

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Tortillaria Mexican Kitchen food review.

Working at BJC means trying my best to escape daily for just a moment to gather my thoughts. One of the places thats close is the Tortillaria. I actually think I came here on my first day of work and have been back several times. They start you off with a huge bowl of tortillia chips, which are so good, I could probably eat only those for lunch. Their tacos are good, but I don’t really like to eat tacos on a regular day, they can be a bit messy. The solution? Order a barito with no tortilla. I’d already eaten plenty of chips, so there’s really no need for it. Out comes this beautiful creation of spanish rice, black beans, marinated chicken, lettuce, cheese & sour cream. Perfect. A nice portion, huge actually, I only ate half and a really great combo without the mess. I really enjoyed this and have ordered it again since then. Great simple food. You’re speaking my language!

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