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I have a lifelong love affair with food. It may very-well be an unhealthy love affair. So?! I eat, ask, wonder, talk, think, sample and read about food, recipes and cooking so much that I figured, why not create a blog?!

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Bailey’s Chocolate Bar Food review.

Met up with my St Louis Sistas on a Friday night, and I think Kathy suggested this restaurant. She knew we loved dessert martinis. I was really pleased to see framboise on tap for the low, so I opted for that. The atmosphere was certainly for lovers, as it was so dark we had a hard time seeing the menu. I got there last, but if I hadn’t I would have suggested we eat outside. It was night time, but it was brighter in the courtyard, than inside, lol! We didn’t love was that there weren’t any gluten free options on the menu, so Amber (who has the allergy) ordered the grilled cheese & of course we all know how that turned out! I ordered the fig & apple pizza. I was intrigued by the combination, but the execution wasn’t quite there. The apples should have been cooked a little bit more & the goat cheese didn’t suit the pizza. Overall it was an interesting enough approach, not quite my taste.

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