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Anthonino’s Taverna Food review.

My hermit husband decided quite randomly that he’d forced me to stay in too long & suggested we finally make our way to the Hill. After some careful Urbanspoon searching, we found this place & decided to try it out. Relaxed with great reviews seemed right up our alley. We felt the love the moment we walked in the door. Everyone seemed to treat each other like family there. Even other patrons talked with us during the meal.

I had read about their homemade fried ravioli, so we ordered that as an appetizer. It came right out and the pieces were huge! We dug in so fast; I forgot to get a photo. Apologies, we were hungry. They had a wonderfully seasoned filling, with a nice crisp wrapping. Really good and the homemade marinara was to die for. I ordered the shrimp scampi with noodles and my Mr. went out on a limb and ordered the Pasta with Sautéed Shrimp. I was so proud of him. Please note, I chose this place because they had sandwiches & pizza in case he wasn’t feeling so brave.

My meal came with a salad & I chose the house, which had roma tomatoes, pepperoncini, kalamata olives, feta and cucumber topped with a creamy Greek dressing. Very good and I am not a fan of salads. Seeing that I’d eaten all of this and had a glass of Riesling, I was on my way to full by the time our food arrived. Thankfully the dinner portion wasn’t outragious, although my food was so good, I wouldn’t have minded taking some home for later! The shrimp in the scampi were huge! The butter sauce they swam in was absolutely perfect. I paired it with a side of pasta tossed in olive oil, which was an excellent choice suggested by our waitress. She was great, super friendly and helpful without being overbearing. Didn’t hurt that she was really pretty! I digress. My husband really enjoyed his meal, and was glad he opted for the alfredo sauce, peas & artichokes on his pasta. I stole most of his artichokes, but he didn’t mind for once, probably because it was something green, lol!

Overall we really enjoyed the experience, the atmosphere and the food at Anthonio’s. Hopefully we’ll be back real soon!

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