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I have a lifelong love affair with food. It may very-well be an unhealthy love affair. So?! I eat, ask, wonder, talk, think, sample and read about food, recipes and cooking so much that I figured, why not create a blog?!

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Bakersfield OTR food review.

Went here for a girl’s night out with my coworkers and fell instantly in love!  We waited forever for a table, and the waitress was nice enough to get the margaritas, chips and guacamole flowing while we waited.  Their guac was some of the best I’d ever had.  It was so chunky, fresh and delicious.  It had radishes in it, and I didn’t even mind.  Their chips tasted house made, and were a great compliment to the guac, we also ordered the salsa, which was green and threw me off, but tasted amazing with just the right amount of spice to keep you eating more and more!

We got impatient enough to ask a few ladies at a large table if we could sit with them.  OTR style, we squeeze in with them, and keep the party going!  We started order every taco we saw, even though we had had plenty of chips.  I got the fish, the pastor which was pork and the short rib.  The short rib was by far my favorite.  The pickled onion and cilantro just did something so perfect with the braised meat.  It also had radishes on it, which again, because they were crispy they complimented the taco.  I really liked the fish, it was simple and had a great crunch.  The Pastor was good as well, it was just a little too hot to me.  I love spice, but I’m not a fan of my mouth burning! 

Next time I go, I’m going to order every one of the tacos to taste.  I’m a huge fan of variety in my meals, so this is perfect!  You can mix and match till your hearts content!  The tortillas are handmade and that is right up my alley!  I love how simple this menu was.  Too many restaurants try to serve everything under the sun and can’t get any of it right.  At Bakersfield they only make a few things, but every item is executed perfectly!  I could go on and on about how much I love this food, but the best thing I can do is tell you to try it for yourself! 

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